Careers at A-Katsastus

Careers at A-Katsastus

A-Katsastus has personnel in five countries and we employ about 1,400 people. In addition to vehicle inspectors, our employees include driver's test examiners (in Finland) and people working in various administrative, testing-related and consulting services. 

What binds us together?

In accordance with our human resources strategy, skilled and motivated employees are the most important asset of our company. We aim to create good preconditions for the continuous development of the staff as well as our operations, promote the employees' commitment to the company, encourage our staff to perform well with incentives and ensure the availability and competence of our staff.

We are all professionals and experts in our own field. To ensure that our customers get the best quality service possible, we must have a customer-oriented mindset, be sensitive to change and be ready to shoulder personal responsibility for our work.

We offer our staff challenges and development opportunities. If you want to commit to the above values, join us in taking our success story further. People are the secret of our success!

Send an application

If you are interested in the challenges we offer, read more about A-Katsastus in various countries from our companies' websites. 

For example, the educational requirements for vehicle inspectors vary across Europe, so if you require further information, please contact our office in the target country.

Applications may be sent directly to the persons in charge of recruitment in each country.

If you are interested in careers in Finland, send your application to: rekrytointi(at)