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The rejection criteria for inspected Finnish vehicles to become public

A-katsastus submits model- and make-specific statistics concerning passenger cars rejected in inspection this year

A-Katsastus Oy has released model- and make-specific statistics concerning passenger cars rejected in vehicle inspection and identified the most common reasons behind rejection. A similar publication has previously been produced on the basis of their statistics by the Swedish inspection company Bilprovningen and the German vehicle inspection chain Dekra. A-Katsastus will produce the statistics every year.

The current statistics include all passenger cars that have been inspected by A-Katsastus in Finland between January and September 2008 and that were taken into use in 1999, 2001, 2003 and 2005. The statistics include a total of 200,000 vehicles, only taking into account faults resulting in rejection and requiring a subsequent inspection. If less than 200 vehicles of a specific model have only been inspected during the period, the model has been excluded from the summary in order to guarantee reliable statistics.

The statistics also indicate the average mileage of each model, which has been obtained from the information saved during inspection.

A total of 26.1% of all vehicles inspected by A-Katsastus have been rejected this year. The most general faults are connected to brakes, exhaust emissions, the front axles and the chassis. The statistics indicate that there are large model-specific differences. For example, the average rejection percentage for 3-year-old cars was 6.7 but the model-specific deviation is great. A minimum of less than 1% and a maximum of one-third are rejected. The average rejection percentage for 5-year-old cars was 12.5 and the model-specific deviation is also great. A minimum of about 3% and a maximum of 50% are rejected.

Hannu Pellikka, Technical Director at A-Katsastus, sees that the statistics produce benefits for vehicle owners. “The objective of vehicle inspections is, above all, to maintain safety in traffic but at the same time useful information related to the maintenance of vehicles is compiled. The statistics released define the most general faults in specific makes. This will definitely produce benefits for buyers of used cars, for example.”

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Hannu Pellikka, Technical Director, A-Katsastus, tel. +358 (0)45 632 2022

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