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A-Katsastus is strongly becoming internationalised

Nearly half of all vehicles inspected by the A-Katsastus Group are inspected outside of Finland’s borders. A-Katsastus will also continue to strongly export Finnish inspection expertise abroad. To maintain this high level, A-Katsastus has hired Kim Willgren, an experienced international professional, to manage the international business operations. He will begin work on 12 May 2008.

Since 1994, Willgren (MBA) has acted in different international duties with well-known companies. The last nine years he has worked in the security industry as the Managing Director of Securitas Direct Oy. Willgren sees that his new task makes it possible to bring, through the concept, top Finnish competence and vision to the rest of the world.

A-Katsastus started its international operations in Latvia in 1997 where the company is currently the second largest inspection company with nine inspection stations. In 2001, the first of five A-Katsastus stations was established in Poland. Four years later after long preparations, the first inspection station was opened in St. Petersburg. In 2005, inspection operations were released for open competition in Denmark and, during the same spring, A-Katsastus opened seven stations in Denmark.

Today, with more than 30 stations, A-Katsastus is the second largest inspection company in Denmark. Last year, the company acquired ownership of Belgium’s leading inspection company, which holds a market share of nearly 20% in Belgium.

A-Katsastus Group is the leading private company providing vehicle inspection and registration and driver examination services in Northern Europe. The company has more than 230 inspection stations and nearly 1,900 employees. Its turnover in 2007 stood at EUR 135 million.

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