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Make- and model-specific statistics 2010 in Finland


The statistics list the three most common rejection reasons for each model. They also include the average mileage of the vehicles, taken from the data recorded in connection with inspections. The statistics compiled by A-Katsastus will be published this spring for the third time.

The released statistics include all passenger cars that were introduced into use between 1998 and 2005 or in 2007 and were inspected by the A-Katsastus Group in 2010, and all models with at least 100 inspected cars. The most common faults include those observed in at least ten cars of a single model.

A-Katsastus Oy inspected a total of 950 000 passenger cars in 2010, of which 24.4% i.e. 230 000 vehicles did not pass the first inspection. The most common faults leading to vehicles being rejected were once again connected with brakes, exhaust gas emissions, front axles and chassis. A total of 107 faults of different types were found for every 100 inspections. Of these, there were 47 serious faults that resulted in a new inspection or a direct driving ban for every 100 inspections.

Technical Director Hannu Pellikka, commenting on the results, says: “Approximately one-fourth of all vehicles inspected in Finland are rejected. This is a relatively high figure considering the rest of Europe. This difference can largely be explained by our weather conditions and the use of road salt in the winter, which puts a strain on our vehicles. In addition, the average age of Finnish vehicles is one of the highest in Europe.”  

The new statistics show a significant increase in damper damage. When in 2009 they represented 4 % of all faults leading to rejection, their share has increased to 5% in 2010. According to Hannu Pellikka, last winter's exceptional weather conditions may be one reason for this development. “Extreme cold and uneven road surfaces caused by snow and ice put a definite strain on dampers compared with mild winters,” Pellikka says.

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