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A-Katsastus now under Finnish ownership by Tradeka-Yhtiöt Oy


On 16 December, Tradeka-Yhtiöt Oy signed an agreement with A-Katsastus Group to acquire the entire share capital of A-Katsastus Group. A-Katsastus Group was previously owned by Finnish venture capital company MB Rahastot. The completion of the transaction is subject to approval by the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority, and the transaction will be completed in February.

According to Perttu Puro, CEO of Tradeka-Yhtiöt Oy, as a publicly regulated company, A-Katsastus will fit in excellently as part of Tradeka’s ownership and development ownership category. “Tradeka’s goal is to be a long-term anchor owner in Finnish service companies. A-Katsastus will have a new,  responsible and Finnish owner in Tradeka, which will ensure the company’s development as a leading player in its field”, Puro says.

A-Katsastus and Ajovarma will continue as independent companies and the acquisition will not result in any changes in their business operations, personnel, management or station network.

More information:

Perttu Puro, CEO, Tradeka-Yhtiöt Oy
Tel. +358 40 779 3436

Kari Kivikoski, CEO, A-Katsastus Group Oy
Tel. +358 500 434 912


Osuuskunta Tradeka is an ownership cooperative of approximately 200,000 members. Its guiding principle is meaningful ownership and the practical development of a more humane market economy. Tradeka-Yhtiöt Oy is responsible for corporate governance of the cooperative’s core business operations, the holdings of which are divided into four categories: Omista ja kehitä (own and develop), Sijoita ja turvaa (invest and safeguard), Luo uutta (create new), and Malta ja toteuta (be patient and implement). The company owns the restaurant company Restel Oy, the newspaper distribution company Lehtipiste Oy, the social and healthcare service company Med Group Oy, and the investment company Tradeka-sijoitus Oy. The group’s turnover in 2019 was EUR 453 million and the number of employees converted to full-time employees was 3,379. www.tradeka.fi

A-Katsastus Group is Finland’s leading operator in vehicle road inspection, driver examinations, registration and road passenger licensing services. A-Katsastus Group has 800 employees in approximately 150 locations in Finland. www.a-katsastus.com

MB Rahastot is a leading Finnish venture capitalist founded in 1988. MB manages venture capital funds totalling EUR 0.5 billion, dealing mainly with leading Finnish institutional investors. Throughout its operations, MB has successfully invested in approximately 40 medium-sized companies in the Nordic countries. www.mb.fi