Group structure

Group structure

A-Katsastus Group has several different brands in Finland.
A-Katsastus OyYksityiset K-asemat Oy
In Finland, A-Katsastus history dates back to the birth of nationwide inspection operations approx. 90 years ago. Today A-Katsastus Oy and Yksityiset K-asemat Oy offer a wide selection of services in Finland, e.g. periodic technical inspections, special inspections, impartial condition testing and registration services.
Ajovarma Oy
Ajovarma Oy organises theory and driving tests for all driver's examinations in Finland.

Autopeltikorjaamo Harry Lampinen Oy
Established in 1991, InCar specialises in collision repairs, painting and maintenance. InCar has 38 outlets in 24 locations, more than 300 employees and a nationwide partnership network of 17 InCar partners. The company’s services are used by all leading insurance companies operating in Finland, as well as corporate and consumer customers. Annually, InCar repairs more than 40,000 vehicles.

Suomen Vahinkotarkastus SVT Oy (Finnish Loss Survey SVT Ltd)
Suomen Vahinkotarkastus SVT Oy (Finnish Loss Survey SVT Ltd) produces damage inspection, expert services and realisation services for damaged vehicles throughout Finland.

A-Test & Consulting Oy

A-Test & Consulting Oy is Finland's leading company specialising in workshop equipment maintenance, testing, training and auditing.