Contact information for the media


E-mail viestinta (at)

Chief Executive Officer, A-Katsastus Group, Kari Kivikoski
Technical Director/MD Ajovarma Oy Hannu Pellikka

Contact via executive assistant Annika Tuomi, tel. +358 (0) 45 632 2018

Photographing permits

Photographs related to articles and other e.g. video production sessions can be organised at our stations. However, permits must be agreed on a case-by-case basis (concerning activities in Finland; in other countries contact local management). During holidays, peak seasons or due to possible sick leaves it may not always be possible to receive photographers/production crews without advance arrangements.

Rejection statistics in Finland published by A-Katsastus

A-Katsastus was the first to publish make- and model-specific rejection statistics in Finland already 2009. The statistics show the most typical defects for each make or model. All published rejection statistics for passenger cars are available on the A-Katsastus website (in Finnish).

Rejection statistics