Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values - A-Katsastus

We promote road safety.

The preferred choice, we are the most reliable partner for our customers.



Customer-orientation - A-KatsastusCustomer-orientation

Customer needs are the basis for our operations. We always use our expertise for the best of the customer and our goal is to exceed customer expectations. We are flexible and approachable.
Proud to competent - A-KatsastusProudly competent
We are proud of our own and our colleagues' expertise. We share information openly and with good leadership we make sure everyone has an opportunity to succeed in their work. Our enthusiasm can be seen in everything we do.

Will to renew - A-KatsastusWill to renew
We have curiosity and courage to look for new ideas and to make them happen. As pioneers in the industry we are committed to continuously develop our services.