Responsibility for people

Responsibility for people - A-Katsastus

A-Katsastus maintains and promotes general road safety through its operations

Throughout our history, it has been our duty to provide services that simultaneously ensure the safety of all road users. We strongly believe in our mission and implement it in all our activities.

We support and work with different stakeholder groups and take part in various traffic safety related events often as an invited guest speaker. We have also worked with local schools and e.g. conducted a campaign for children's traffic safety and distributed high-visibility vests to elementary school pupils. Our staff also takes part in the investigation of road accidents as members of official investigation teams in Finland.

We employ on average 1,300 experts in Finland. Group-level uniform guidelines and policies ensure that our personnel are treated in an equal manner. We support open communications and dialogue within our organisation.

We invest in the development of good leadership and supervisor work as well as the promotion of occupational health and safety and well-being at work. We support opportunities for our personnel to educate themselves and we offer our personnel capabilities and tools with the help of which they can implement our strategy in their everyday work.

The satisfaction of personnel is measured with a Group-wide personnel satisfaction survey conducted annually, the outcomes of which are compared with general outcomes in the automotive sector in Europe. All individuals working for A-Katsastus Group in Europe may respond to the personnel satisfaction survey.