Responsibility for the environment

Responsibility for the environment - A-Katsastus

In its business operations, A-Katsastus is committed to creating a sustainable relationship with its environment

A-Katsastus has an important duty as verifier of compliance with legal requirements of vehicles and drivers related to the environment. We wish to participate in implementing the principle of sustainable development as we are providing various services related to road safety.

As far as possible, we take into account the direct and indirect effects of our operations in our surrounding society; we are aware of the environmental impact of our activities and we strive continuously to reduce it. Due to the nature of our work, we continuously also advice our customers on more environmentally friendly driving methods.

The objectives of A-Katsastus' environmental activities are related to the reduction of both direct and indirect environmental effects and the continuous improvement of the level of our activities. We are looking for new ways of binding environmental responsibility as a part of our strategy and result-oriented development of our business.